Metalystic Spectra Mesh Cuffs

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They’ll mold to fit you, lightweight, and offer the most comfortable experience with metal — definitely more so than the headbanging kind.

Connection and Charisma   

Spectra: It’s Elton John’s sunglasses and feathered boas, Prince’s half-time show in the rain, Freddie Mercury creating Bohemian Rhapsody despite it being, like, 15 minutes long and completely unique. All that connection and charisma, right on your wrist. Even if you’re not performing in front of thousands of people while wearing it, this adjustable bracelet reminds you that you can have the same impact when you walk down the street.

Materials and Finish

What is Metalystic and how do you get the cool colors? Is It Still Hypoallergenic?

We create the Metalystic colors on our bracelets using a unique method that isn’t traditional plating, but actually vaporization that is deposited onto the recycled brass base. This not only looks amazingly cool, but also keeps them hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and tarnish-resistant. The Metalystic finish is also durable, keeping the vibrant colors and shine over time.

Tell Me About This Metal Mesh.

It’s comfy! It’s Lightweight! It’s Breathable! It’s Moldable! Aka, you can form it easily to fit perfectly around your wrist. That’s really all there is to it. It’s moldable metal mesh, and it comes in all different hues to fit any mood.