Nurse Gift Box - $83 value!

Nurse Gift Box - $83 value!

Regular price $66.00

$83 value! 

Included in the Gift Box: 

Sugarboo Candle18oz glass candle measures 5" tall and 4" in diameter and made with Soy wax. Scent: Lavender and sandalwood. 

Relax Organic Botanical Mist: a Lavender hydrosol base that is infused with two different kinds of Lavender. This relaxing fragrance in this botanical mist will help you relax and fall into a blissful sleep. Botanical mists have a variety of uses. Use as a quick, cooling facial mist or as a room or linen spray.

Relax Rollerball: Instantly feel a sense of calmness and relaxation when you roll on our RELAX Roller Ball Essential Oil. RELAX is an organic infusion of Lavender blended with the perfect carrier oil of 100% Sunflower Oil. RELAX Roller Ball Essential Oils should be rolled directly on your pulse points such as your neck and wrist.

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