Black Honey Sugar Scrub

Black Honey Sugar Scrub

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  • Create your own spa treatment and skin wellness routine with our Black Honey Sugar Scrub.

    Imported from the Amazon, our Black Honey is produced by some of the world’s largest bees. The honey they collect, far from the pesticides and pollutants of the world, is uniquely dark in color and density. It is sought after for its ability to naturally soften and moisturize the skin.

    We blend our Black Honey with pure sugar, plant extracts and premium oils to create this luxurious scrub that attacks dry, red patches and leaves the skin exfoliated and silky smooth.

    For best results, use weekly in shower or bath (and be careful, the natural oils can make surfaces slippery). The alpha hydroxyl acids found in the sugar and the premium oils gently slough away dulling, dead cells and leave your body feeling and looking noticeably better. Use as a secret weapon to keep your hands from giving away your actual age, keep the scrub near the sink and gently exfoliate your hands every morning—the results are amazing!

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